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More about is an online magazine that features interviews with today’s latest stars, news, articles, and reviews of music, TV, movies and more. While many magazines and blogs focus on the hottest bodies, most expensive weddings and who is dating whom each week, The Star Scoop emphasizes what real stars are made of: a passion for the art of what they do. There’s a flavor for everyone.

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…a celeb following site that I could actually respect…

My god why did I not find this site sooner?

It’s not celebrity slander but its interviews and its all nice stuff…Good job guys.

This is the next TMZ, Perez Hilton…but with the class and smart writing that I feel those two lack. I don’t follow entertainment blogs too closely, but I always make sure to read The Star Scoop!

Your site ( is amazing.

I nominate @thestarscoop for a Shorty Award in #socialmedia because they do entertaining interviews and do it right :)

I love this site!

Love your interviews. Please keep the coming. They’re all amazing and I love reading them. They always make me smile!

Your interviews are all I look forward to.

Your interviews are amazing. You guys are the only one that can make me smile when I read interviews ’cause you seem to have fun.

Your interviews…They are so awesome! I get so excited to read them!

I love your interviews…you guys have amazing questions and you even let fans have input.

I LOVE reading your interviews.

They conduct amazing interviews.

I love your interviews, they are very well written.

They’re always so much fun to read and they’re always wonderfully done!

Can’t wait for more awesome interviews. You have the best!

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