Andrea Bowen Exclusive Interview

A teen tackling stardom with class

By Traci Grant

Andrea Bowen has never been desperate, until now. A Desperate Housewives cast member, that is. While she’s been acting for more than a decade, it is her role as Julie Mayer on ABC’s Desperate Housewives that is finally giving her the recognition she deserves. “I’d worked my entire life and been successful, but nothing had gotten this much exposure before. It definitely takes getting used to, [and] I’m still not used to it,” Andrea says.

Something that Andrea Bowen is used to, is being a good girl, on-screen, and off. “People tell me I’m a lot like my character, because I’m pretty good; I’m pretty responsible. I don’t want to hang out too late; I don’t like to do anything that’s bad. I like to get good grades [and] I like to have my life very orderly. As far as I go, I’m a good girl.”

She may be like her character thus far, but as she talks about the next season of Desperate Housewives, Andrea thinks there may be a little rebelling in Julie Mayer’s future. “Julie is getting older, so she’s going to start dating more. She’s going to have, you know, primarily one love interest, and he’s a bit of a bad boy. We’re going to see if she has a positive effect on him, or if he has a negative effect on her. I’m definitely very excited about it, and I think our viewers will really like it, because you kind of get to see a different side to her.”

Recently, Andrea showed off her own different side: a musical one, as she spent her free time in a production of “The Sound of Music.” “Just recently while we were on hiatus, I did Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl. They do big productions, [and] typically, they only do one night, but this year, they decided to do three nights. It was a really great cast, and we had an amazing time. Teri [Hatcher] came with her daughter and her parents, and it was nice to have all the support. It was great to do something else than just the show. It’s really hard, when you are working on a show, to do other projects. This one worked out, and I’m really thankful for that. I loved it.”

It’s not surprising that Teri Hatcher showed up to her on-screen daughter’s musical show after hearing Andrea talk about their relationship.”[Teri Hatcher] is very maternal. She is pretty maternal to me: always making sure that I’m being treated okay, that I have enough water, that I’m not dehydrated, that I’m not too hot, and I’m not too cold. She’s always looking out for me, which is really great.”

While TV parents are great, they’re just not the real thing, so one has to wonder about Andrea and her own mom.” My relationship with my mom is so different than Susan and Julie’s relationship. I’m the youngest of six kids, so my mom is definitely the mom in our relationship. She’s great. She is so supportive of me, and she’s a fantastic woman. I look up to her and respect her so much. My mom and I are very close.”

Mom (and dad) should be proud. Andrea Bowen is friendly, articulate, and mature, and of course talented. Don’t forget, she is also one of primetime TV’s favorite daughters. So, what’s in store for this lovely young lady? “I don’t know. I’m just enjoying everything while it’s happening. I hope to continue to work more, and do different kinds of roles. I live life by the moment. I have no definite plans.”

There is one thing that’s definite: we’ll be seeing more of Andrea Bowen for years to come. On a final note, she adds, “I’ve always loved it all. I can’t just choose one path to take. I hope to do movies, and I hope to do more television, and I hope to do more theater. We’ll just see where my life takes me, but I plan on doing all of it for the rest of my life.”

All quotes in this article were given in an interview with TheStarScoop.Com

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