Jenna Mourey Exclusive Interview

Jenna MoureyNAME: Jenna Mourey

VIDEO : How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking

VIEWS: 8,793.737

THE STAR SCOOP: Thank you again for doing an interview. We’re excited to have you on the site.

JENNA MOUREY: Yeah, no problem!

THE STAR SCOOP: Your video…you pretty much just posted it this month. It’s still pretty new.

JENNA MOUREY: I posted it a week ago, actually.

THE STAR SCOOP: Have you been surprised by the immediate response and how many people have seen it so far?

JENNA MOUREY: Yeah. It’s completely ridiculous! I had no idea that anything like this would happen at all. It wasn’t my intention, but it’s great. It’s exciting for me and I cannot wrap my brain around five million people. It’s just crazy to me.

THE STAR SCOOP: What were you thinking when you actually made the video?

JENNA MOUREY: The background was, I walk around for most of the week looking like a normal human being. And then, one day a week when I go to work at night, when I dance, I look like this completely different, blonde, makeup, crazy…it’s a wild transformation. People don’t recognize me and I wanted to document that transformation.

I got the idea…it was Friday before going to work, so I was like, You know what, I’m going to make a video about this and I just sat down and did it. It wasn’t really pre-planned or anything.

THE STAR SCOOP: Did you really not write out any kind of script? Did you improvise it?

JENNA MOUREY: The whole thing is improvised. I’m not good at writing things down, I don’t think.

THE STAR SCOOP: It’s pretty brave to go on YouTube without any makeup. Were you nervous about that?

JENNA MOUREY: I so was. I really was! My job, even my regular job, I was hired originally as the promo girl. All these jobs, I was hired because I’m pretty, they think I’m good-looking. I had a moment of doubt, when I was posting it. I was like, what if I post this and someone is like, Wow, you’re really ugly. It’s like, nah, I don’t care. I’m posting it. This is funny.

THE STAR SCOOP: It’s about a two minute, thirty second video. What was the actual time?

JENNA MOUREY: I think it maybe took me three hours. I was also getting ready. So I did actually take a shower. I did actually do my makeup and my hair. I was kind of diddling around, playing with my dog. It did take me a little while but it wasn’t a huge process. I just pretty much taped myself getting ready.

THE STAR SCOOP: Everybody wants to know whose degree is in the video!

JENNA MOUREY: [Laughs] Yes, that’s my degree. That’s my Masters Degree from Boston University. It’s in Sports Psychology and Counseling. I’m holding it because I actually haven’t hung it up yet. I’m sure my mom’s pretty upset about that. She framed it for me, and I haven’t hung it up on the wall yet. It’s actually my degree. I really got that. I think the funniest part is that the video is actually true. It’s actually about my life.

THE STAR SCOOP: Your friends and family have seen the video…What was the family reaction? Because there are some bad words in it.

JENNA MOUREY: I had to call my mom right around 750,000 views to be like, Mom, there’s a video of me on YouTube. She watched it, and she thought it was hilarious. She was laughing out loud. She’s really excited for me. I don’t think they were prepared for it, but they’re okay.

THE STAR SCOOP: So, the straight facts about yourself. Obviously your name is not JennaMarbles.

JENNA MOUREY: No. My name is Jenna Mourey.

THE STAR SCOOP: And you’re 23, right?


THE STAR SCOOP: You’re in Massachusetts. The Boston area?

JENNA MOUREY: I’m originally from upstate New York, but I’ve lived in Boston for about six years.

THE STAR SCOOP: If someone is in Boston visiting, where do you recommend they go?

JENNA MOUREY: Oh, Fenway. I love Fenway. They give tours over at Fenway, where you can walk around all of the stadium and go up in the box…it’s really cool, even if you’re not a Red Sox fan. It’s just a cool thing to see because it’s so old, it’s awesome.

THE STAR SCOOP: What else should people know about you?

JENNA MOUREY: I don’t know! I’m super normal. I’m super chill. I like to hang out. Mr.

Marbles is my dog. I pretty much do everything with Mr. Marbles. There’s really nothing to me! I’m like, so boring. Clearly I’m boring. I made a video by myself, in my kitchen. There’s an insight into what I do with my free time. I’m pretty normal…I’m a normal girl.

THE STAR SCOOP: You said you work now, that you dance. Is that what you’re doing for fun? What else do you do?

JENNA MOUREY: I work for a regular day job 9-5 for, which is my real job. I blog for them on the website. I do slave work. I friend people on Facebook and invite them to our parties. But during the weekend, I dance, which I have been doing for two years. The modeling…it’s always kind of silly to me…none of those things were ever goals for me. I never really wanted to be a model or dance. They were just fun things I did. I guess people seem to think that’s who I am, but I’m just a regular person. I have a regular job.

THE STAR SCOOP: With the video, you’re going to get a lot more notoriety. What’s your plan from this point?

JENNA MOUREY: Oh my God, I have no plan [laughs]. I’m going to keep making videos. I don’t want to feel like anything has changed. I’m just going about my daily life the way that I would. I’m going to stay at my job, which is really great, and just keep making videos and see if anything happens, if anything doesn’t happen. I don’t want to get my hopes up or get wrapped up in this craziness. I would love to keep making videos. I would love to keep doing that for sure.

THE STAR SCOOP: You also made a video of yourself dancing in your underwear.

JENNA MOUREY: Yeah [laughs].

THE STAR SCOOP: We’re going to assume that’s not really how you get into such good shape. What are you doing to stay fit?


No [laughs]. Honestly, it’s completely my diet. Whenever I eat, it’s vegetables, eat salad, eat fruit. A lot of beans. A lot of people are like, how do you do that. It’s diet. The weight comes off like nothing, I’ll workout. Sometimes I’ll run. I’ll walk. It’s a lot dancing though. Whenever I dance, you’re burning a bajillion calories. You’re just going, going, going all night. So that’s what really does it, but diet’s the biggest thing.

THE STAR SCOOP: So basically people should avoid the carbs and turn on their i-Tunes music really loud and dance.

JENNA MOUREY: Yes, dance around. Dance around in your underwear all the time. It’s the most fun thing ever, and it’s the best workout [laughs]!

THE STAR SCOOP: Your video is a lot of people’s favorite thing right now. What are some of your favorite YouTube videos that you watch over and over again?

JENNA MOUREY: One that came out wasn’t posted recently but it’s come to attention recently…Double Rainbow is like the funniest thing in the whole world. So funny! I also love a channel called Magic Hugs. They made that paper towel parody. The one dude in it is so ridiculously funny, I can’t even stand it. Double Rainbow and Magic Hugs.

THE STAR SCOOP: A lot of people have posted video responses. You seem to have watched and commented on them. Do you read all of the actual pages upon pages of comments that you’re getting?

JENNA MOUREY: I do! It’s taken me a little while, but I’ve ready every comment on everything. I’ve watched all the video responses. I’ve read every message in my inbox. I don’t necessarily have time to reply to all of them, even though I wish I could. I do pay attention to it. I think it’s really nice when people take the time out of their day to say something to you, that’s nice or thoughtful or even make a video back to you, I think is really great. I like to show my appreciation for that. It’s just crazy to me that I did something and people are taking it to heart and doing things about it themselves, which is really flattering.

THE STAR SCOOP: Is there anything you want to say to the fans of your video?

JENNA MOUREY: Thanks for watching! I’m glad you liked it. I’m going to keep making videos!

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