Joey Lawrence Talks Success and Fans

Joey participated in a conference call with Joey Lawrence recently. Here’s what he had to say to us.

You and Melissa both have a really large fan base that goes back a long way and so I was hoping that you could talk about who the fans are for the show and what audience you’re expecting, new fans, old fans, and just the response so far.

The response so far has been great.  I think our fans are people that have grown up with us and then I think there’s a younger growing fan base that’s grown up with the reruns of the shows.  That’s what’s so great.  I know that when Brotherly Love went over to the Disney Channel, although my fans at the time were probably 19, 20 years old, it went over there and became the number one show on that channel for four or five years, and it was exposed to a bunch of 8-year-olds and 10-year-olds who are now 17 and 18.

So even though probably my core audience is 25 to 35 or something like that, there are all these 15-year-olds, 16-year-olds, and 17-year-olds that know very well who I am and who Matt and Andy are just because of that success.  I know it was the same with Melissa with Sabrina being on reruns everywhere and stuff like that.

I think that’s what makes it very unique.  When you’re blessed enough to do this kind of work for a long time and yet still be so young, you are exposed to a bunch of different ages, and they will start to follow you if you’re lucky.  I think we’ve both been very lucky in that regard.  I’d say the age range is probably, it’s really probably anywhere from 12, 13, to 49, which is I think what made it kind of enticing to the network, because I think that that’s the age that they go after, that 18 to 49 is what they call the key demo, that’s where the advertising dollars love to be spent and all that stuff.  So when you have that as your base, then it becomes enticing on a whole other level, let alone just the quality of the show and all that kind of stuff.

You said that you’ve been in the business for a while and you do have all these fans.  What do you attribute your success to, anything in particular?

It’s the intangible, really.  But there’s no rhyme or reason for it and there’s certainly no progression that you can follow, other than just try to work hard.  I’ve always tried to work hard.  I try to live right and make as many right choices as I can.  Nobody’s perfect by any means, but I think that we all know right and wrong and I think the goal in life, as my grandfather told me, is to try to make as many of the right decisions as you possibly can.

I was from a generation that, not too long ago, but it was a generation that was about the work.  There were young people even in my generation growing up that messed up, that had problems with drugs and run-ins with the law and stuff, but it was about the work.  They didn’t go into it wanting to be famous for anything other than doing great work or being in big movies or TV shows.

I think today if there’s been any change at all it’s that a lot of young people are coming in to this to be famous, like famous to be famous, not famous because of the work or forget about the fame and it’s just about the work, which is what I came into it for.  It was just about doing what you loved to do.  The fame thing was like, wow, you knew that was a cherry on top and it was a cool thing but you always kept perspective on it.  Whereas, today gosh, so many of these young people are just famous for a sex tape or famous for something else crazy or getting arrested or drug overdoses, you know, it’s horrible.

I think that part of the reason why I think that I’ve been able to stick around for a long time is just because, well, number one, I’ve been lucky and I have great, incredible fans out there that grew up with me, because I’ve been able to do this from 5-years old to 34-years-old already.  And I’m just sort of beginning really, I feel, because as a leading man this is when it begins, at 30 really.  So it’s kind of cool.  And then keeping my nose clean and trying to live right and making it about the work instead of about my personal life, and trying to keep as much of that private.  And even though I’m a public person you try to keep as much of that private and try to keep it classy.  I think that it’s worked so far.

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