Julie Berman Exclusive Interview

Julie BermanJulie Berman stars on the long-running soap, General Hospital. As the daughter of the show’s legendary couple, Julie has had a big role to fill, but she’s handled it perfectly, and has recently been recognized for her talent with a Daytime Emmy nod.

THE STAR SCOOP: We hear you might have an Emmy in your future?

JULIE BERMAN: Yeah. I play Lulu Spencer, the daughter of Luke and Laura on General Hospital. Both my parents’ character’s are nominated as well. I’ve been playing her character for about a year and a half. It’s my first nomination. It’s really exciting. I’ve never been nominated. Yeah, it’s fun. It’s a crazy soap opera [laughs]. I’m so thrilled to have the honor of being nominated, of course. But I’m trying really hard just to focus on having a good time and not really make it about winning or losing. I guess that’s kind of the approach I take with acting in general. You’re not going to get them all…just do your best. At this point, it’s completely out of my hands. I just want to dress up like a princess and have a good time.

THE STAR SCOOP: The show was already really well established. What was it like to come onto a show that’s been on so long?

JULIE BERMAN: It was weird. I’d never watched soap operas, and I kind of had a general impression that the soap operas involved bad actors and no one really cares about the work that they do and that kind of stuff. When I actually started working on the show, I was pleasantly surprised about actually how much work goes into a soap opera filming more than one episode a day and learning scripts only a couple days in advance. It was really a lot more work than I had anticipated and the people on the show care so much about what they do. I really enjoyed that. To have my character be a child of this legacy is an honor and it makes me fortunate in that I get to participate in well thought out story lines, and important story lines. I had no idea about the craze at all. I was going to school, so I never had time during the day to sit down and watch the show. I think it worked out in my advantage not knowing about it, because when you go into an audition and you have all these expectations…I didn’t have any of that. I just kind of went in and did what I came to do and did my best.

THE STAR SCOOP: Is there a show you’re a big fan of, that you’d like to be on?

JULIE BERMAN: Oh my God, if I could be on Lost, work on an island all the time…I would die happy. Really, I think [it] is so cleverly written, so interesting and captivating. The good writing and the really good character development I’m drawn to.

THE STAR SCOOP: What else are you up to now?

JULIE BERMAN: I’m definitely looking at some other projects right now, but pretty much up until the Emmys, they’ve been working me like a dog, so I’ve been really stretched pretty thin. There are some other things in the works, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

THE STAR SCOOP: What do you want your fans to know about you?

JULIE BERMAN: Well, I’d like to think I’m pretty normal. I’m 23 years-old, so I’m not as young as the character I play, but I really take pride in having a very normal personal life. I went to school; I finished college. I graduated last year and I have all my friends. My best friends are from high school and college. I kind of have my life that’s very separate from Hollywood and all that kind of stuff, which keeps me grounded, and I love that. I love being able to come home at the end of the day and not have my life revolve around Hollywood, and magazines, and gossip, and blah, blah, blah. I just want to be a normal person. I definitetly think I’m as normal and as boring as it gets when I’m not Lulu on General Hospital. THE STAR SCOOP: I think the last thing that is really important is, why was college important for you?

JULIE BERMAN: You have a very, very long life, the way I see it. Four years is nothing. To take four years out of your life to go to school and get your education…I can’t even say enough about it. When you’re there, you not only learn more about different topics of the world, and you have really, really intelligent professors that can teach you things that you would never even think you would learn or b ever learn or be interested in, but you also learn so much about yourself. I matured and grew up so much by being in college and being independent, connecting with different types of people that I’d never met during my life before college. I think if anyone has the opportunity to go, and they’re even questioning whether or not they should go, I think they should. It’s just four years, or five or six, whatever it is. It’s not that much. You’re young and you can handle it.

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