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Kristin HerreraONLY A DIVA ON TV:
Kristin Herrera

By Traci Grant

Latin beauty Kristin Herrera is shining weekly in the TEENick show Zoey 101. With a blend of innocent charm and a real flair for acting, Kristin is a rare delight in today’s young crowd of actresses.

On her character, the feisty, prissy companion for Zoey, Kristin comments, “Dana is a very sarcastic girl, very outspoken. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. And if she has a problem with something, then you’ll know.” However, it is evident from Kristin’s sugary persona that this is all an act.

Nevertheless, Zoey and Dana are friends, a companionship that extends into real life as well. “Everyone’s so much fun to work with. Jamie Lynn’s – she’s a very, very sweet girl, she’s very down to earth, she’s just fun to be around.”

Kristin may have found her niche in comedy. While she has guested on multiple shows, The Bernie Mac Show was her favorite. “The day we shot it was Halloween so everyone was dressed up — just like Bernie Mac was so fun to work with, along with his costars. I think that was the most fun.”

As for any teenage girl, especially one breaking into Hollywood, pressure is increasing to measure up to a certain mold. But Kristin’s head is certainly in the right place on the issue. “Yes, look is one of the things they look for in acting, but it’s not just that. You can have someone that is absolutely beautiful, but they could not act at all. When it comes to look-wise, I personally don’t think they should go for look because there are so many people out there that are amazing actors and they’re like, ‘Oh wait, you can’t play the part because you don’t look a certain way.’ I think look-wise shouldn’t be a big deal in acting.”

While today’s popular hairdo seems to be the sleek, straight style, it was Kristin’s curls that got her noticed when she was young. “I was walking in the market one time with my mom, and a manager came up because — well now I always straighten my hair, but then I had big brown curly hair and she’s like, ‘Oh you should be in acting. She seems like she’d be good in doing commercials.’ So my mom looked into it and got me into an agent.”

Fast forward and Kristin’s landed a TV show. So what’s a day like when you’re busy shooting a TEENick hit? “Usually I have to get there earlier before everyone else because they do my hair in really big curls and my hair takes the longest to do so usually I get there really early in the morning. They do my hair and makeup, we eat breakfast, we go over scripts, then we of course shoot and then all of us, all the cast members, we all get together and we just talk on our break and we end up going home.”

Home for Kristin has always been the Golden State. For the girl who hasn’t been out of California much, there is one place she’d love to spend a day. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Bahamas.” However, she seems perfectly content where she is. “I love California. Everything out here is fun. There are so many things to do, like go to the mall, go down Melrose. So many places — to the beach. You can basically go anywhere and you’ll have fun.”

Sport: Surfing

Likes: Scary movies

Favorite colors: Green, blue and black

Favorite Food: Mexican food

Future website address:

Actresses she wants to work with: Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy

California is also known among teenage girls as a state to do some serious boy-hunting. Kristin knows what she wants; she just has to find it. “Honesty, being loyal, just loving you for who you are and just always being there for you. That’s my perfect idea of boyfriend.”

Shopping and boys are not the only confirmations that Kristin is as normal as an actor can be. Guess what? She gets nervous, too! “When I’m working with people that are really, really big and everyone knows their name I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh,” I hope I do good, I hope I don’t mess up.’ Usually I worry before I go in, but once I’m in there I’m like, ‘You know what, I can do this.'”

On the other hand, Kristin gets some very exciting opportunities that most girls her age can not attest to. She recently attended the Kids’ Choice Awards. “Oh my gosh, that was so much fun. Actually Will Ferrell was there, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I just went, having a good time. [I was] really excited for it.”

Kristin spends plenty of time at home, too. She got into home schooling after private school “got too hard because you had to go to school, pick up your books, then the school faxed my homework over there and sometimes it made me fall behind so it was hard catching up and all.” Between acting, school and premieres, Kristin is one busy girl who loves being part of Nickelodeon and hopes to see herself in the next five years, “Acting, either on a TV show or doing a movie. If that doesn’t go well, being a makeup artist.”

Zoey 101 takes up a lot of Kristin’s time, though it’s apparent that she spends ample time being a regular teenager. Says Kristin on a last note, “I think I am my worst critic. I feel like I can always improve.” And with time, she will. Kristin is facing more opportunities to live a star-studded life as her popularity increases, but she has what it takes to stay grounded and succeed.

All quotes in this artircle were given in an interview with TheStarScoop.Com

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