Seth Rogen Interview

Seth RogenTheStarScoop.Com spoke to Seth Rogen in a mutli-media interview recently! Here’s what he had to say to us.

So I’ve heard that you like improvising so tell me a little bit about how much you’re allowed to improvise, you know, as a voice actor.

You can actually improvise a lot as a voice actor. I mean, the real – people I think don’t – and I didn’t, you know, understand how animation works really. And the time consuming part is really creating the characters and the sets and the worlds. And aside from that it’s not that entirely different than shooting a live action movie; the characters mouths are quite easy to manipulate once all the information is built into the computer, you know.So you can improvise a lot and it doesn’t matter really how far along they are in the process they can really just make the character say something different. Almost more than in a live action movie because of how slow the process is you almost have more time to think about it and come up with different versions of things because you’re filming, I mean, you’re recording over the course of years generally.

Right. And so as a follow-up do you think you’ll do more animated work in the future?

I mean I really enjoy it and I think that, you know, I mean, I’ve always been a fan of animation and I – yes, I would like to.

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