SO GOOD: Sam Tsui and Ahmir Imagine

It’s a terrible shame that such an awful tragedy brought these incredible talents together – Ahmir and Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider – but their vocals are melodious and soothing during this difficult time.

The video is to help raise money for scholarship funds for Gabe Zimmerman and Christina Taylor Green. It is dedicated to all the victims of the Tucson, AZ shooting Jan 8, 2011, and the speedy recovery of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Enjoy, and donate if you can (links below the video embed).

To make a donation to the Gabe Zimmerman Fund who was an aid to Representative Gabrielle Gifford’s please visit:…

To make a donation in memory of Christina Taylor Young who was only 9 years old please visit: and clicking on the link to the Christina Taylor Green Memorial Fund.

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