Jenna Andrews Interview: “I’m not following the beaten path”

THE STAR SCOOP: You have a very distinct and unique sound. Could you describe that a little more to our readers?

JENNA ANDREWS: I grew up listening to such different styles of music. Everything from R&B to jazz to country. My mom is an avid music lover. When I was becoming a musician, it was a combining of a whole bunch of things. It’s definitely a soulful sound, and I picked up the guitar about 5 years ago and I put it in. It’s just my thing, the acoustic soul, pop sort of feel.

THE STAR SCOOP: When you were young, was there a moment you became really interested in music or knew that you could sing?

JENNA ANDREWS: I remember, I was like five, and my parents bought me that little keyboard, that you can press the buttons and they play songs. I remember trying to compose songs, just pressing the buttons, realizing, oh, I’m musical. Then I would start singing along.

THE STAR SCOOP: A lot of people have heard your song, “Tumblin’ Down.” We love it!

JENNA ANDREWS: I was able to show a lot of character. That was a really great time. I think it was a great starting place for me because I felt really honest. I felt like, as much as you tumble down, you can still rise above. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing.

THE STAR SCOOP: What should people expect from your album? Will it be more of what they have heard with “Tumblin’ Down?”

JENNA ANDREWS: Yeah. It’s very much in the same vein as “Tumblin’ Down” in the sense that the whole album is very honest. There’s definitely different elements and I think that it shows my journey. My album is called “Moon and the Stars.” It has the dark and the light side of life, the grays…it’s colorful. It has anywhere from black to white and all different shades of gray. I really feel like it’s just showed all my emotions. It’s an album that definitely has my personality in every form.

THE STAR SCOOP: What are your plans for this year?

JENNA ANDREWS: It’s going to be a great year. I’m trying to get on a tour for the top of the year and the album is supposed to come out the first quarter…around March. Keeping as busy as possible, promoting this album as much as we can. I’m really excited.

THE STAR SCOOP: There are tons of artists that will probably release albums this year. What do you think will set you apart or make you distinct musically?

JENNA ANDREWS: I think it’s because I’m not following the beaten path of what’s happening directly on radio. I’m just kind of doing what I’ve always known and has meaning to me. I feel like that will set me apart. I’ve never tried to follow anything else. Check out Jenna’s official website, Jenna Andrews on Twitter: Jenna Andrews on Facebook:

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