Pearl and the Beard Concert Review: New music, same charm

By Traci J. Grant

From left: Jeremy Styles, Jocelyn Mackenzie and Emily Hope Price

Pearl and the Beard know how to make an entrance, and keep a crowd entertained. Playing to a mix of students, couples, parents and young adults, their energy, banter and ultimately their talent certainly won this trio many new fans.

There was a lot of laughter when Jeremy Styles shared his love of sports movies (or maybe just the Karate Kid) to the surprise of his band-mates. In addition, and not-to-be-missed: Jocelyn Mackenzie’s ever-present smile during every song. Her happiness throughout is as infectious as the music.

When the opening notes of “Sweetness” started, the crowed roared for this fan-favorite. The live version did not disappoint; it’s better than the recording. Other songs off their previous album included “Prodigal Daughter,” “Reverend” and Emily-breaks-down-the-house “Hot Volcano.” All the usual instruments were there too: cello, guitar, drums, electric guitar, and piano to name a few.

There were plenty of new songs, including “Devil’s Head Down,” “Again Animal,” “Yet” and “You.” In fact, Emily revealed that nine of the fifteen songs on their set list were new, then fretted over ruining the surprise of just how many songs would be played. Turns out she didn’t ruin the surprise after all.

Jocelyn was speechless when a fan requested a song not included in their set list. Despite already playing fifteen songs – one for the encore – Pearl and the Beard played the requested song, “Douglas Douglass” anyway. They also confirmed to me afterward that this was not planned and only added as a result of the request. Take note future Pearl and the Beard concert-goers!

It seems risky to play so many new songs. What if the audience doesn’t like them? What if they are expecting more songs they already know and love? However, the new songs were a treat and a preview of the incredible music on the horizon for this beloved indie folk-pop band of three.

Want to know more about Pearl and the Beard’s upcoming music, their song-writing process and more? Click here to read our exclusive interview.

Check out Again Animal below:

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