Varsity Fanclub Interview: “We want people to have fun”

THE STAR SCOOP: A lot of people want to know more about when your album is going to be coming out. DREW of VARSITY FANCLUB: Our album is coming out actually in the summer 2011. It’s going to have 12-14 songs…don’t know the exact amount but it comes out this summer. We’re stoked. We’re going to drop the single for it, I believe, first quarter, so January, February or March. Somewhere in there we’re actually putting a single out with a video. JAYK of VARSITY FANCLUB: It will be released worldwide, too. We’re going to go back to Europe. It’s going to be released there in stores and on iTunes here. You’ll probably be able to pick it up on iTunes and Amazon in the U.S. first before it comes out in stores. THE STAR SCOOP: How was the process for putting it together? BOBBY of VARSITY FANCLUB: We’ve been a group now for about three, four years. It was put together through an audition kind of thing. We’ve been recording literally with everybody I’d say, at least over 100 songs. Recording the album is awesome. We each kind of get a chance to do our own different kind of thing. It’s not just one or two people singing. We have definitely enough songs for an album at this point and we’re very happy with it. DREW of VARSITY FANCLUB: Us in the studio, we’ll start at like noon, and we won’t get out until it’s like 6am… THE STAR SCOOP: What should people expect the album to sound like? DAVID of VARSITY FANCLUB: I think the music on the record is just very much fun and upbeat. We have ballads that are supposed to be on there, but even those are something you can really get emotionally attached to. I’d say 90% of the record though is just upbeat. We want people to have fun when they listen to us and just be able to play it in the car, play it at home…just whenever. Today I think it’s all about just having fun…let people forget what crap they’re going through in their life. THE STAR SCOOP: If you guys were going to do a collaboration with anybody in the future, is there anybody you’d like to team up with? JAYK of VARSITY FANCLUB: There’s lots of people….Bruno Mars would be really cool. That would be awesome. On a production side, we’ve worked with a lot of people. DREW of VARSITY FANCLUB: We worked with Red One, he did “Just Dance” and millions of other songs. Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic. Maybe artist wise, probably Miley. Justin Timberlake would be awesome! THE STAR SCOOP: We ran a little contest…and the winner would get to give us a question to use in one of our upcoming interviews. There’s a very dedicated Twitter follower out there named Brit…she was the winner! DREW of VARSITY FANCLUB: Congratulations to Brit! THE STAR SCOOP: Her original question was what are 10 things we don’t know about you

guys. But if you could all tell one fact about yourselves, she’d be really happy. T.C. of VARSITY FANCLUB: Something about my Mom…she loves to dance! BOBBY of VARSITY FANCLUB: I sing in the shower naked! DREW of VARSITY FANCLUB: Bobby sings in the hallway of our hotel. He will run down the hallway screaming at the top of his lungs and wake everybody up. JAYK of VARSITY FANCLUB: Oh my gosh…I don’t know…I love Christmas! DREW of VARSITY FANCLUB: David’s really good on the Wii. He’s actually insanely good on it. Actually, as a group, we do weekly football games…That’s kind of something no one really knows. VFC on Twitter: Individual Twitters for the guys are listed on the main VFC Twitter. VFC on Facebook:

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