We reserve the right to modify this policy from time to time as we deem appropriate, and at our sole discretion.

Types of Information

There are two types of information that any website may obtain from you, and this website is no exception.  These two types are personally identifiable information, and aggregate information.

  1. Personally identifiable information is, quite simply, any information that personally identifies you.  This can include your name, phone number, address, or any other information you may voluntarily provide to us.
  2. Aggregate information is generic statistical data that is automatically transmitted to every website you visit, whether anyone ever looks at that information or not.  We look at this information to determine which interviews are most popular, which interviews are least popular, how much traffic the site is receiving, where most of the traffic is coming from, what search terms are being used to find this site, and other information that can help us continue to improve this website.  Other Aggregate information includes visitors’ browser types (eg: Internet Explorer, FireFox), operating system (eg: Mac, Windows), Internet Service Providers (eg: AOL, Verizon), etc, all of which helps the developer ensure that the site runs smoothly on any of these platforms.  None of this information is personally identifiable to us, so you will remain anonymous unless and until you choose otherwise.


Site statistics use cookies to determine how many unique visitors arrive at the site.  Currently, those are the only cookies you will receive from visiting this site (unless you disable all cookies through your browser’s toolbar, in which case you will receive none), and we will never use cookies for malicious reasons.

Mailing List

If you subscribe to our mailing list, the information you provide for this purpose will not be traded, sold, rented, or given away.

Each time you receive one of these mailings, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided in the email.  Once you unsubscribe, your subscription details will be deleted from our database permanently, unless and until you decide to subscribe again in the future.

Promotional giveaways and other contests

From time to time, sponsors who supply the merchandise for our giveaways will request from us the information of contest entrants for their promotional purposes.  When you enter one of our contests, you may have the opportunity to opt out of this information sharing by following the instructions given.  Opting out once will not carry over to future contests, so you must opt out with each entry, if you don’t want your information shared with the contest sponsor who requests it.

Please see individual contest rules for specific terms pertaining to each contest.

Children and other minors

The internet is prime hunting ground for dangerous child predators.  For this reason, we do more than just comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)… we support it wholeheartedly.

Children under 13 are not permitted to enter our contests, because that would require the divulging of personal information.  Likewise, if a child younger than 13 wants to send us a comment through our contact form, please do not enter a name or email address into that form, and please do not subscribe to our mailing list, because that would also supply us with your email address.  You are more than welcome to bookmark our site and check it regularly, however, since you can still remain anonymous that way.

Teenage minors, please obtain the permission of your parent or guardian before entering one of our contests, or before supplying your personal information to anyone online for that matter.  Even sixteen-year-olds are not exempt from nasty online predators.  Permission is not required for teenagers to subscribe to our newsletter or supply their email address with their comments (free accounts are great for this), but please don’t tell us your last name, phone number, or where you live without the permission of your parent or guardian.

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