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SO GOOD: Sam Tsui and Ahmir Imagine

It’s a terrible shame that such an awful tragedy brought these incredible talents together – Ahmir and Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider – but their vocals are melodious and soothing during this difficult time.

We Are The World (YouTube Edition) is one of the top 50 videos that defined You Tube for 2010

We Are The World YouTube Edition

We checked in with Lisa Lavie herself to learn more about the video. We also caught up with a few of the many (50+) talents who participated: Ahmir, J. Rice and Maria Zouroudis.

AJ Rafael Interview: “I want to go bigger”

AJ Rafael

We had the chance to talk exclusively with the uber-talented AJ Rafael about – what else – music, YouTube and so much more.

Ahmir: Climbing to new heights – Interview

Ahmir and Family

We talked exclusively with Ahmir – made up of Sing-Sing, Big Mike, Mr. Jones and KC. From how the guys met to signing with Robbins Entertainment to what you don’t know about them, we have the scoop for you!

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