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Joyful Drake on “Let’s Stay Together” & “Bad Ass”

Joyful Drake

Joyful Drake talks to us about “Let’s Stay Together,” playing Tasha, and her new film, “Bad Ass.”

Barry Floyd Exclusive Interview: Tee Tee has definitely grown up

Barry Floyd

Another star from The Game, Barry Floyd, took some time to tell us about coming back to the show, how BET compares to the CW, what Tee Tee is up to and more!

Erica Hubbard Interview: “Come laugh with us” on Let’s Stay Together

Erica Hubbard

Let’s Stay Together star Erica Hubbard tells us about her new show, her character Kita, how she likes working with Bert Belasco and much more in this exclusive interview!

Bert Belasco Interview: Let’s Stay Together is new and fresh…so stay tuned!

Bert Belasco

We caught up with Let’s Stay Together star Bert Belasco to learn more about Bert, his new BET show and who inspired him along the way.

Hosea Chanchez: “the fans of the show, their dedication, their loyalty…made this happen”

Hosea Chanchez

We talked with Hosea Chanchez about the return of his show “The Game,” and whether there will be a 5th season. He also tells us about his foundation and gives some good cooking tips!

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