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Play For Keeps Exclusive Interview


Where does the name “Play For Keeps” come from?

It comes from an old term used when playing marbles. When you “Played for keeps” you kept whatever you won. I think it’s very applicable to our lives and the lives of our fans.

Pearl and the Beard Interview


Pearl and the Beard talks with us about their new music, the instruments they play, what a Pearl and the Beard concert is like and much more in this exclusive interview.

Ali Isabella Q&A

Ali Isabella

Singer Ali Isabella talks with us about her song “Taking My Own Sweet Time” and what she’s up to on the Cirque Musica Tour and the Camplified Tour!

NvS Interview: Music, favorite tracks on upcoming album and more!


NvS talks with us about her new music, single “Between My Thighs,” what she wants listeners to take away from her music and so much more in this exclusive interview!

Chris Rene Q&A: from Young Homie to superstar

Chris Rene

We talked with the incomparable Chris Rene about his inspiring song, “Young Homie,” his debut album, working with L.A. Reid, and more. Plus scoop on his other original song, “Where Do We Go From Here” and Chris tells us what people don’t know about him!

L2 Interview: Music, “Insomnia” and more


L2, also knows as sisters Melissa and Jessica Labbadia talk with us in this one-on-one about their music, new song “Insomnia,” if there is any sibling rivalry and so much more!

Elliott Yamin Interview: 3 Words

Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin talks with us about his video and song “3 Words,” his new album, charities he works with and much more in this one-on-one interview!

EDITOR’S CORNER: A big hello from Traci!


This section of the website will change, and it will be a space where Editor-in-Chief, Traci, will be writing special articles, segments, lists…the possibilities are endless!

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