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Play For Keeps Exclusive Interview


Where does the name “Play For Keeps” come from?

It comes from an old term used when playing marbles. When you “Played for keeps” you kept whatever you won. I think it’s very applicable to our lives and the lives of our fans.

Jason Isaacs: Talking “Kendra,” and online TV

Jason Isaacs in Kendra

Jason Isaacs talks with us one-on-one about his role in the WIGS series “Kendra,”:why he was interested in an online series and whether he’d like to do a movie franchise like “Harry Potter” again.

Lindsey Stirling: “Not afraid to be myself”

Lindsey Stirling

YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling talks with us in a one-on-one interview about her famous videos, her debut album, upcoming tour and who inspired her unique style.

Rosanna Arquette talks web series “Rochelle”

Rosanna Arquette

Actress Rosanna Arquette tells us about her role in the WIGS web series “Rochelle.” WIGS started in May 2012 and is currently the #1 scripted channel on YouTube. Photo credit: WIGSCO, LLC.

Catherine O’Hara in Mitch Albom’s “Leslie”


Premiering today on WIGS, the #1 channel for drama on YouTube, is Leslie, the comic story of an aging actress, played by Catherine O’Hara (Best in Show), up for the part of a famous nun, who hopes the role will revitalize her career.

Jennifer Beals talks about web series Lauren: Was “really excited about the subject matter”


We talked with Jennifer Beals about her role in “Lauren” from WIGS, the number one scripted channel on YouTube. She speaks about why she was interested in the part, tells us about the research she did for the project and so much more in this conference call interview.

Kina Grannis Exclusive: stairwells, songwriting


We talked exclusively with Kina Grannis about the re-release of her album “Stairwells,” her pet snakes, touring, new music and so much more!

Michael and Marisa Interview: “If kids tell kids, it’s more powerful.”

Michael and Marisa

We talked to two inspirational kids, Michael and Marisa about their anti-bullying song, “The Same.” We learned more about why they wanted to do the song and how they hope to help other kids with their music.

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